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Licensed & Insured

Your protection & security is our main priority. Our technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured to make sure the job is not only done effectively but safely too.

Affordable Costs

Our bed bug services are competitively priced amongst other San Diego pest control companies. Our services are priced well and are extremely effective in combating bed bugs.

Family & Pet Friendly

Our processes are comprised of some of the most advanced bedbug control procedures which eliminate bed bugs in all stages (the eggs, the instars, the nymphs, and the adults) without any harm to your family or pets.

Veteran Owned

Owned and managed by a military veteran who aims to deliver military precision pest control to make sure those bugs never come back!


Look At The Picture Below To Find Where Bed Bugs Might Be Hiding In Your Home

Bed bugs are small, round, brownish insects that live on human blood. They are difficult to kill, they breed quickly, and they feed on you while you sleep. When they bite, they tend to leave you with small itchy and inflamed bumps all over the body.

Bedroom of bed bug spots
Bed bugs

Picture Frames

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Bed bugs


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Bed bugs


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Bed bugs


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Bed bugs

Curtains and Drapes

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Bed bugs


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Do Not Try to Treat Bed Bugs On Your Own - You Will SPREAD THE BED BUGS
What's the solution? Hire us to do a professional bed bug treatment that will solve your bed bug infestation for good. We are a bed bug pest control company near you that has the most effective bed bug treatment methods to kill bed bugs for good. 

Types Of Treatments We Offer

Conventional Treatment

We use chemicals that are effective in eliminating bed bugs for good. Safe for humans & pets.

Steam Treatment

We use steam to deliver a lethal dose of heat to the areas where bed bugs could be hiding. Safe for pets & humans.


Our boat somehow became infested with bed bugs and I seemed to be receiving all the attention. After searching and getting some astronomical quotes I reached out to Enviro-Tech and Larry gave me by far the best quote and by far the best service. He came out once a week for three weeks and after the second treatment I never saw a bed bug again. I have waited for over 3 months to write this review out of fear that the treatment might not be fully successful, but we are bug free and I can't thank Larry enough.
Larry has been servicing my home for a while now and I'm never not satisfied with the results. He keeps my home protected while maintaining a friendly and professional attitude. He addresses my concerns and is very knowledge when answering my questions. If there is ever an opportunity for someone to move up within the company, he's one you need to be looking at! Thank you, Larry!


Understand The Life Cycle of Bed Bugs

Let Us Stop These Blood-Sucking Critters Before They Multiply!

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Bed Bug Growth Cycle
Bed Bug Cycle

License no# OPR 12543.

Are you a resident of the San Diego area or thinking about moving to the area in the near future? Well, you would be truly surprised to learn about the rising number of bed bug infestation throughout the area. Now, this has absolutely nothing to do with cleanliness or global warming. In fact, the number of infestations reported throughout the world is increasing every year. This is why it is imperative that you understand everything you possibly can about these critters and how to choose a good extermination company to deal with them. When it comes to bed bug treatment in San Diego CA, our company should be your number one solution and we want to explain to you why.

Backed With Proper Certification

When seeking out a bed bug exterminator in San Diego, you would be surprised to learn just how many of these companies that aren’t certified. Without a proper state’s certification, these companies should not be allowed to purchase the chemicals that it takes to kill out bed bugs. So, this means that they are either using knock off brands that aren’t near as good as the real thing, or they have applied illegal methods to these chemicals, which makes them unethical. This is something that you never have to worry about when dealing with our company, because we are completely certified and have our certification number posted on your vehicles, websites, and office buildings.

Properly Insured To Protect The Customer

When it comes to bed bug extermination in San Diego insurance is just as important as certification. Sure, there are a lot of companies out there that are insured, but they are only insured to protect themselves and their employees. That is not the case with our company. We highly believe in taking care of our customers and ensuring that they are always taken care of. This is why we carry errors and omission insurance. This is a type of insurance that financial protects you against error and mistakes that might be made by our techs.

Of course, we highly pride ourselves on not making mistakes, but errors are human. In the event that something goes wrong that results in your financial loss, our insurance will cover those losses. You don’t have to worry about trying to take us to court in order to recover what you lost.

Growing With The Changing Technology

Technology is changing the playing field for just about everything. Look how many companies are now advertising online, and how many people own a smartphone. Well, technology is also changing the extermination field. With that being said, you would be surprised at how many companies that don’t want to adapt to these new changes. However, our company is willing to roll with all of these changes, because this new and improved technology helps us better do our jobs. We use new and improved tools, our techs now have the abilities to faster seek out bed bugs, eliminate them easier, and do an all-around better job for our customers.

Relying On Word Of Mouth

Being in the San Diego area, you have probably seen some of our advertisements here and there. However, it really is the word of mouth that we rely on from our customers the most. We want our customers to refer our services to their friends and family members. This means that our teams strive to do the very best job they possibly can every time. Regardless, of how much money you make, who you are, where you are from, or what service you are seeking, we treat every customer with the same respect and professionalism.

A Proven History

When it comes down to it, you’ll want to make sure that you choose a bed bug exterminator in San Diego that is actually capable of getting the job done right. If the company has a poor history, there is a good chance that they’ll never be able to get those bugs eliminated. Then, you’ll wind up being forced to meet with another company shortly thereafter. The good news is that we’re far different. Our company can get the job done right on the first attempt. This is our primary goal! We always want to be able to provide our clients with an amazing experience, while also giving them the reassurance that those bugs will be gone before they know it.

When you’re interested in finding a bed bug removal firm in San Diego, you owe it to yourself and your family to get in touch with us. You’ll be glad you made the right decision in the near future.

Prices You Deserve

We understand that you and your family cannot spend outrageous fees to get rid of those bedbugs. If you could, there is a good chance that you would have already called an exterminator. Rest assured knowing that we’re more than happy to work with any budget. We have different packages and we sincerely believe that we’ll be able to find a solution that suits your budgetary restraints. Our team is also happy to offer quotes. We want you to know what you’re going to pay, before we enter your home.

$45 Home Inspection

There is no doubt that when you determine your home is infested with bed bugs that there will be little time to delay in seeking assistance. Bed bugs may be the size of an apple seed, but they can be detrimental to your living environment, especially your bedroom. These tiny critters can take over your entire bed in a matter of days. If you fail to initiate a treatment within this time period, your entire bedroom, including the carpet, furniture with fabric upholstery and unused clothing will be overtaken with bedbugs.

As soon as you detect or even suspect for that matter that your home is plagued with bed bugs, you should immediately contact an extermination contractor. However, do not just pick the first contractor you find in the San Diego Yellow Pages, instead contact us. Our company offers $45 home inspections and same-day appointments. So, we can help you tackle that bed bug infestation in a timely manner.

The Perks Of Choosing Us As Your San Diego Bed Bug Exterminator

We understand how difficult it can be to choose a good exterminator. Don’t worry. We are here to make that decision far easier for you. We offer a wealth of perks that you will not be able to find anywhere else. Our company is totally reputable and we’ve proven time and again that we can get the job done right each and every time! The perks of choosing us can be found below.

  • We’ll keep your problem concealed. We can work in a stealthy manner to ensure your friends and neighbors never learn about your problem.
  • Our company only utilizes the safest and most proven remedies. We believe we can eradicate those nasty bugs without any risks!
  • We are actually efficient and reliable. Our team will never leave you waiting awaiting. We’ll arrive right on time and get the job done as rapidly as possible.
  • We go to great lengths to provide our clients with reasonable prices. We are happy to work with any budget!
  • We are happy to provide our potential clients with reference.

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