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As a pet owner, you’ll want the best for your precious furry friends. Being ready for a potential flea infestation is pertinent. Fleas are a nuisance, and they can pose serious risks to humans and pets. The problem is that fleas can transmit plague and typhus when they bite. In San Diego, fleas are a terrible problem, so you need to have a plan to deal with a flea infestation.

What Type Of Flea Is Commonly Found In San Diego?

San Diego is home to many types of fleas, but Cat Fleas are the most common. Adult cat fleas can grow up to 1/8 of an inch. When looking at them, you’ll find that they’re flattened laterally. From above, they look thin. This body shape is beneficial because it allows the flea to swiftly walk through hair. While they’re called cat fleas, they will target a variety of animals, including dogs, raccoons, skunks, foxes, and opossums. Even if you don’t have pets, there is a chance that fleas are going to invade your home.

About Flea Bites

Fleas are problematic because they’re going to bite humans and pets. Pets may lose hair because they’re scratching too much. In addition to this, they may develop flea allergy dermatitis. If you’re dealing with a large infestation, you have to worry about your pet experiencing anemia and severe blood loss. In the worst possible cases, death is a possibility.

Preventing Flea Infestations

It is easier to prevent fleas from targeting your pets than getting rid of them. You can’t negate every risk, but you can reduce the risks significantly. Below, you will find tips for keeping fleas away from your pets.

  • Be cautious about getting a pet because it might have fleas.
  • Give your pets anti-parasite medications regularly.
  • Keep your grass 3 inches or lower.
  • Never feed wildlife.
  • Put a fence around your property to keep flea-infested wildlife away.
  • Check your pets regularly to make sure they don’t have fleas.
  • Be sure to wash your pets and their bedding regularly.
  • Vacuums areas where you suspect fleas might’ve been.

You can’t completely stop fleas from entering your home, but there are ways to minimize the risks. Our company is here to help. We recommend being vigilant, so you don’t have to worry about fleas entering your home. If you live in San Diego or a nearby area, you should contact us.

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