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When it comes to tough bugs, bedbugs rank near the top of the list. Nevertheless, you’ll agree that they’re not as tough as you and your loved ones. We have several tools that we can use during our fight with bedbugs. Besides conventional bedbug treatments, we also offer thermal heat treatments. Many clients prefer thermal heat because it offers a safer solution to bedbug infestations.

How Does Heat Treatments Work?

Heat treatments for bedbugs are simple. When using this technology, our exterminator will use specially designed equipment to raise the temperature of your home. Once the temperature reaches extreme levels, it will kill the bedbugs in your home. This treatment is very popular because it can eliminate bedbugs throughout the home. The heat will penetrate cracks, crevices, holes, pipes, and appliances so you don’t have to worry about bugs being left behind.

Our heat treatment machines are designed to raise the temperature of your home to 140-degree or higher. Bedbugs might escape other treatments, but they won’t be able to hide from our heat treatments.

Is Heat The Most Reliable Bed Bug Treatment?

While we’re confident that we’ll get rid of your bedbugs, it is vital to realize that nothing is perfect. There is always a chance that bedbugs are going to survive. Heat treatments are based on the concept that extremely hot temperatures will kill bedbugs. When exposed to temperatures of 140-degrees, bedbugs will have limited choices. They will either die or find a way to leave the home.

Monitoring The Temperature During The Heat Treatments

We constantly monitor the temperature while carrying out the heat treatment. We will keep the temperature above 140-degrees for more than 2 hours. When dealing with extreme cases, we’ll keep the home hotter for longer. By maintaining extremely hot temperatures, we will kill the bedbugs no matter where they try to hide.

Will You Need To Stay Away During The Heat Treatment Process?

While treating your home, we will ask you to stay outside. It is best to find another place to stay during the heat treatment process. While it is likely safe, we don’t want to expose you to any unnecessary risks. We recommend staying with a friend or going on vacation during this time. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Be sure to consult with us beforehand. Before the treatment process, we’ll tell you everything about heat treatments so you’ll know what to expect.

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