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Cryonite Treatment

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Cryonite is one of the newest treatment options for bedbugs. It is an innovative, non-toxic technology that can help eliminate crawling insects. Cryonite has been used to kill bedbugs, bedbug eggs, and bedbug larvae in the United States, Australia, and Europe. This unique treatment method releases CO2 in the form of snow. It can be applied to infested areas to rapidly kill bedbugs, flour beetles, cockroaches, and other crawling insects immediately.

How Does Cryonite Work?

Cryonite is effective for killing bedbugs. It exposes the bedbug to extremely low temperatures and effectively freezes it to death. Carbon dioxide is sprayed from the nozzle and directed at the bedbug’s hiding spots. Below, you’ll learn more about the cryonite treatment procedure.

Dry Ice – Frozen carbon dioxide is also known as dry ice. When it sublimates, it will transform from snow to gas. During this process, there is no liquid phase, so the client won’t have to worry about cleaning up a mess. Furthermore, this allows the exterminator to remove bedbugs from cracks, crevices, holes, pipes, and electrical sockets. Cryonite treatment can be used anywhere including food processing plants.

Rapid – The cryonite treatment process combines particle size and speed to ensure that the bugs are cooled very rapidly. This lightning-fast process guarantees that bugs, eggs, and larvae can be eliminated immediately.

Ergonomic Unit – Exterminators will use an ergonomically designed unit during the treatment process. It has a telescopic feature so they’ll be able to reach locations high above them. Plus, the goose-neck nozzle has a 90-degree angle for easy application.

Penetration – Cryonite snow is a perfect size so it can penetrate cracks, holes, crevices, and sockets.

Is Cryonite Eco-Friendly?

One of the best things about Cryonite is the fact that it is non-poisonous and eco-friendly. It offers the following benefits.

  • It will work anywhere and at any time.
  • It can be used on any surface, including those used to prepare food.
  • Your company won’t need to stop the production line.
  • There is no residue, so guests can return to their rooms immediately.

Why Choose Cryonite Treatments?

  • Cryonite can kill all types of crawling pests, including bedbugs, roaches, and others.
  • With cryonite, you won’t need to worry about using pesticides.
  • The production line will remain operational during the cryonite treatment process.
  • Any production downtimes will be minimized.
  • This treatment is dry so there are no residuals to clean up.
  • Cryonite can make direct contact with food preparation surfaces.
  • It is safe and easy to use.
  • Cryonite kills bugs at all safes of life.
  • Cryonite treatments can reduce costs.
  • It is safe for the environment than some of the alternatives.

Now that you’ve learned more about cryonite treatments, you’re likely ready to take advantage of them. Cryonite is good for getting rid of cockroaches, bedbugs, and other crawling insects. When you’re ready to use cryonite to rid your home of bedbugs, call us. We offer cryonite treatments to residents living in San Diego and nearby cities.

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