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How To Make Bed Bugs Come Out Of Hiding

Over the years, bedbugs have mastered several techniques. They’ve learned how to find transportation from one dwelling to another. In addition to this, they’ve become experts at hiding. They know how to hide in your home without being detected for many months. If the infestation is new, you likely won’t notice it. Instead, you’ll need to wait several months and let the infestation worsen before you can identify the problem. Bedbugs tend to hide in untouched areas such as bed frames, cracks, crevices, and wardrobes.

What should you do if you want to confirm that your home has bedbugs? Below, you’ll find tips for making the bedbugs come out of hiding so you can confirm the infestation.

Ways To Make Bedbugs Come Out Of Hiding

The good news is that you can use tricks to force the bedbugs to stop hiding. Try the techniques below.

  • Bedbugs tend to hide during the day and prowl at night. All you have to do is stay up late and wait for them to emerge.
  • Next, you should move your bed further from the wall. Then, place active traps. Many traps are designed to attract and trap bedbugs. Before you know it, you’ll have a trap full of bedbugs, and you’ll know that you have a problem.
  • When you try to kill bedbugs, you’ll want to use a steamer. With this device, you can easily kill bedbugs hiding in furniture, beds, and couches. When using a steamer to release heat, you’ll convince the bedbugs to leave their hiding spot and search for another.
  • Using heat is the best way to force bedbugs to leave their hideaway. You can use heat to convince the bedbugs that the host is nearby. They will come out and begin looking for food.
  • You can also try washing your clothes on high heat. Be sure to use the hottest temperature. If you have bedbugs in your clothes, this will kill them.

If these techniques do not work, you can try using bedbug lures.

Bedbug Lures

When attempting to convince bedbugs to leave their hiding places, you should try using a combination of tools. You can use several tools in several locations. While one lure may not work, there is a good chance that another will. By using multiple tools, you can guarantee that one technique will work. This will force the bugs to come out of hiding so you can identify your pest infestation.

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