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Everything You Need To Know About Bed Bug Treatment

There is nothing worse than dealing with a pest infestation, especially bed bugs. An infestation can alter your routine and make your life miserable. The only true solution is hiring a bed bug treatment expert in Sand Diego CA. However, you will always have the option of going it alone, which can be good and bad. If you are skilled or familiar with bed bug treatments, then you will not have any issue tackling the infestation. If not, you will need assistance from a licensed, bonded and experienced exterminator. Below, you will discover several bed bug treatment options, along with their advantages and disadvantages. Bed Bug Exterminator San Diego


Bed Bug Heat Treatment

If you are unfamiliar with bed bug treatments, you have probably never heard of the heat treatment. This treatment utilizes high temperatures to eradicate bed bugs in 15 minutes or less. Most exterminators rely on large heaters, fans and ductwork to push the heat into and throughout the home. Once the set up process is complete, the team of experts will initiate the treatment. Within 15 minutes the bed bugs will begin to die and within 30 minutes they all should be eliminated.

The bed bug heat treatment is the most reliable and safest treatment available. It does not utilize any type of pesticide or chemical, just high temperature heat. However, we do recommend taking precautions to protect your heirlooms, furniture and décor, by placing them in an area where they will not come into contact with the heat. It is important to note that bed bugs will burrow into furniture, clothing and drapery, so it may be best to leave them in place. So, they will also be treated with the high temperature heat.

The disadvantage of the heat treatment is the price, as it typically costs slightly more than the other available options.

Pressurized Carbon Dioxide Snow

Another great bed bug treatment option that is often offered by larger pest management companies is pressurized carbon dioxide snow. This treatment utilizes pressurized carbon dioxide (CO2) snow at 108 degrees Fahrenheit. This technology is unique and known by its trade name, Cryonite. A pressurized cylinder is utilized to blow the snow mixture through a large nozzle, creating vapors that will penetrate bedding, furniture, cracks, crevices, baseboards and box springs. The snow works by freezing the cells of bed bugs, eradicating them on contact. Cryonite is similar to steam cleaning, as it requires time and patience to see a successful result.

The downside to pressurized carbon dioxide snow is it cannot be utilized alone. It must be combined with pesticides, traps and steam.

Hire A Professional

If you need help finding a treatment suitable for your home, be sure to contact a licensed bed bug treatment exterminator in San Diego CA. This professional can provide you with tips, advice and recommendations. Sometimes it is best to not tackle a bed bug infestation alone, especially if is a severe case. Bed bugs are sneaky critters that will hide just about anywhere to prevent detection. In most cases they are only active at night, when the occupants of the home are sleeping.

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